About My Coaching

About My Coaching

Personal training is my passion and I am 100% dedicated to my clients’ success. All I ask from you is that you give me back that same level of dedication to the plan that I give to you!

I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach in diet or nutrition. If any part of the plan I design for a client is not something that they find to be conducive to their lifestyle or preferences, then I adjust it (within reason… of course, no one is going to be able to lose weight if all they want to do is sit on the couch and eat pizza. My goal is to make a plan that fit’s YOU, not to force you to work around my plan!

When it comes to workouts, some of my clients lift heavy, while some of my clients do more circuit-style training or even marathon training. Some do a little of all three. I design the kind of workout plan that I know is going to help you reach your goal (whatever that is) and is also the kind of working out you WANT to do and CAN do.

I can create a workout plan for the gym, for someone who works out at home with limited equipment, or for someone who has zero equipment at all. I am well-versed and experienced in writing all kinds of workout plans, and I have yet to find someone with too challenging an issue to be able to come up with a plan for them!

As for nutrition, I will help guide you down the path of proper eating for your specific goals. I am always available for my clients to ask questions or for help regarding their nutrition, and I will provide you a wealth of information on proper eating and clear up some of the myths floating around in the diet and fitness world.

If you’re thinking about becoming a client:

Please feel free to reach out to me with in questions you may have. Also remember in order for my plans to work for you, they require that you stay dedicated to them 7 days a week.

If you’re only sticking to the plan I set for you 80% of the time, or even just 90% of the time, you’re going to have less than desired results, if any result at all. Before deciding to work with me, ask yourself if you’re ready for that 100%, 7-day- a-week commitment, because that’s what amazing results require (this does not mean you workout 7 days a week.. just that I expect you do be on your diet 7 days a week!)

Know that I respond to all e-mails, check-in’s or otherwise, within 48 hours. (If you do not hear from me after 48 hours, however, please feel free to remind me of your e-mail, it may have gotten lost!)

Please e-mail me for questions regarding this at info@rvalifefitness.com.

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